Oct 15

E-Commerce Mobile Security

Oct 14

C.I.A. – A basic security tenet applied to mobile wireless security

C.I.A., in information security context, stands for confidentiality, integrity, and availability.  It is a basic set of fundamentals for any information security process. C.I.A. rules apply to mobile wireless security as well.

Confidentiality: The guarantee that sensitive data is being accessed and viewed only by those who are authorized to see it (Vines, 2002).

Integrity: The assurance that the content of data are preserved intact through transfer from sender to receiver (Vines, 2002).

Availability:  Ensuring authorized persons have uninterrupted access to the information systems and data (Vines, 2002).

The opposite of C.I.A. is D.A.D. which stands for disclosure, alteration, and destruction (Vines, 2002).


Vines, R. 2002. Wireless security essentials: defending mobile systems from data piracy.  Wiley Publishing. Indianapolis, Indiana.