What is Mobile E-commerce?

E-commerce stands for “electronic commerce.”  It is a method of conducting business online using internet technology (Kadhiwal and Zulfiquar, 2007).  There are many ways of accepting payments for services and products on the internet and they are all considered e-commerce.  Mobile e-commerce is the application of conducting business online using mobile technology, such as a smartphone, cellphone, and tablets.  There are many different devices and many different technologies to use mobile payments.

Account-based payment systems (Kadhiwal and Zulfiquar, 2007):

Mobile Phone payments: uses a mobile phone for payments, can be charged to phone bill.

Smart Card payments: uses smart card technology on credit cards to “contactless” payment  Near Field Communications (NFC).

Point Of Sale payment systems (Kadhiwal and Zulfiquar, 2007):

Automated Point of Sale systems: use of a mobile device to pay automatically such as through a self checkout.

Attended Point of Sale systems: use of a mobile device that the cashier can “scan.”  Uses QR codes.  Can use SMS.

Mobile wallets (Kadhiwa and Zulfiquar, 2007):

Paypal, Amazon, and Google Wallet:  Accounts that can be “charged” up with a certain amount and used for   transactions, similar to a gift card.

Securing these payment types can be difficult as there are so many different ways of making mobile payments.  There are also many different ways these devices connect to the internet which makes security difficult.


Kadhiwal, S., Zulfiquar, A. (2007). Analysis of mobile payment security measures and different standards. Computer Fraud & Security, 2007(6), 12-16. doi:10.1016/S1361-3723(07)70077-5